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The Olive(Zeytoun) was a native to Asia Minor and spread from Old Persian Empire to the rest of the Mediterranean basin 6,000 years ago. It is among the oldest known cultivated trees in the world-being grown before the written language was invented. It was being grown on Crete by 3,000 BC and may have been the source of the wealth of the Minoan kingdom. The Phoenicians spread the olive to the Mediterranean shores of Africa and Southern Europe. Olives have been found in Egyptian tombs from 2000 years BC. The olive culture was spread to the early Greeks then Romans. As the Romans extended their domain they brought the olive with them......

At Zeytoun we strive to provide an excellent dining experience. Our cuisine contains nothing but the finest ingredients. While many of our dishes are Middle Eastern/Mediterranean in origin, our cooking is contemporary and incorporates flavors from all over the world with an influence of California and fresh local farm produce. Our lamb, beef, chicken and vegetarian specialties are guaranteed to satisfy even the fussiest gourmet. With our relaxed casual atmosphere, choice collection of Entrees, salads and exciting custom-made desserts, Zeytoun truly is a feast for both the eye and the palate.

We hope your visit to our restaurant is a pleasurable one. If you have any questions about our dishes or if you are interested in having Zeytoun cater an event, please contact our management. Our Sister company Fresco Food Services Inc. is delighted to provide you with top notch full catering services for corporate events and/or any occasions.